School gang assaults the innocent

Conflict between a group of school boys turned into violence when they descended on an innocent learner from Hoërskool Patriot.

It is not yet clear what the origin of this gangster’s agenda was but it is being investigated by the police and parents of the victim.

According to a trusted source a group of learners from another high school went to Hoërskool Patriot on Tuesday December 6, to go ‘sort out’ a problem with a learner of the school.

It was alleged that the assaulted boy was on his way to the taxi rank after school when he saw a girl pointing at him. Suddenly a group of boys came towards him. The girl that pointed at the innocent victim repeatedly asked him where his friend was, as they were after him.


It was found that the boy they were looking for did not pitch for school and got the absent boy’s best friend caught up in a corner. The girl allegedly said to the group of boys that the victim must take the punishment for what his friend has done.

On the video footage taken by an unknown learner it is shown clearly how the gang assaulted the boy.
The father of the assaulted victim said that he will release a statement of the incident after all information and investigation is done.

“I wish I could tell you the whole story but I am still waiting for a meeting with the station commissioner of the police,” said the father that wishes to stay anonymous to protect his child.

Witbank Polices spokesman, Sgt David Ratau said,

“we know the schools have their own investigation, but when the school receives a complaint from a learner especially with assault, theft and sexual harassment then the school needs to contact the ‘Adopt a Cop’ to intervene.”

“I did not receive any complaint yet as no one came in contact with me about this incident,” the principle of Hoërskool Patriot, Mr Vink Marias said.

It was also shown on the video footage that the incident did not take place on the school’s premises.

“If you commit any crime whether you are in school uniform or not you will be arrested and charged with the relevant crime,” Sgt Ratau added.

If anything mentioned above is taking place or if any resident knows anything about such a violation, they can come in contact with SAPS Social Crime Department to report the crime, on 08600 10 111 or 013 6555000.

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Chrisuné Vermeulen

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