Fireworks – where and when

The display of fire-works within the Emalahleni Municipal boundaries is prohibited unless prior approval by the municipality has been obtained.

There is a total ban in eMalahleni with the exception that applications to display fire-works are considered on merit and can be allowed with certain conditions.

For 2016/17 there has been various requests to allow fire-works during the festive season. There has been petitions and requests not to allow displays and or to restrict its utilisation. These requests have been considered and after careful consideration the following has been approved for the festive season within the jurisdiction of the Emalahleni Local Municipality (ELM):

The type of fireworks allowed to be used in eMalahleni December 2016 may only be purchased from demarcated traders complying with the agreement between the SAPS, SPCA, Traders and Emalahleni Local Municipality Community Services Directorate. These include fire-works not making excessive noise and specifically exclude the sale or utilisation of the following of rocket fire works, bomb fire works, and any other fire-works which discharge excessive noise.

It must be noted that there is only ten businesses having permits to sell fire works within the jurisdiction of ELM these include:

In eMalahleni – AK Supermarket (lic. No. 14812 18/11/04);
Marrys Fashion (lic. No. 207/2012 05/12/12);
Macys – WTB x2 (lic. No. 9590 17/10/01);
Ricos Sound (lic. No. 9854 23/12/04); Jabu Supermarket (007224 10/12/91); Savers (lic. No. 4841); Leo Plaza (lic. No. 11417 03/12/92), Mr. Fruit & Veg (lic. No. 00341 17/11/95); Premier Store (lic. No. 000534 15/12/95); Price Breakers (33300);
In Ogies – Mayet Supermarket (lic. No. 13551 09/12/03);
In Ga-Nala no person or dealer is allowed to sell fireworks.

The Emalahleni Local Municipality has condoned the display of fireworks at the following 19 areas only: Lynville Tennis Court, Sy-Mthimunye Stadium, Tsietsi play ground, Lekazi play ground, Kwaguqa X5 playground (opposite Love Life), Klipfontein Dam, Phola Soccer Field (Mthimunye Street), Ogies Soccer Field (next to Municipal Council building), Thubelihle Soccer Field, GaNala Rugby Field, Kwaguqa X14 and X11 (open space next to point E water tower), Pine Ridge Soccer Stadium, Pap and Vleis (open space at T junction), Masakhane Soccer Field, Klarinet Soccer Field), Rietspruit (open space next to community hall), Municipal License Office (open space corner of Hertzog and Van Riebeeck streets), Hlalanikahle X3 playground, and Empumelelweni playground.

No fire-works may be utilised outside these areas. This includes the Witbank Dam area, any street, private residential complex or stand, other parks, etc.

Fire-works may only be displayed at the demarcated areas during Old Years evening December 31 from 22:00 to New Year’s morning January 1, 2017 at 02:00.

Any displays outside this time slot will be a transgression and the person found to have transgressed may be liable to a fine and any fire-works will be confiscated by either the SAPS or the Municipal Law Enforcement Officers.

“The above arrangements are an attempt to meet the needs of all the different community members in the municipal area. The rules will be strictly enforced but our request is that the community adhere to these rules and take the needs of their fellow citizens into consideration,” said Mr Theo van Vuuren, Municipal Manager.

The Emalahleni Law Enforcement Officers and the SAPS will be responsible for acting against any transgressors. Please let us have a safe and peaceful New Year.

If you are worried about the well being of your animals this festive season be sure to visit your nearest veterinarian for sound advice on keeping your animal safe, and should your animals go missing visit the Witbank SPCA to see if they may be there.

Contact the Witbank SPCA on 013 650 1360 or 083 657 2421.

“There are over the counter calming tablets available for purchase at the various vets throughout eMalahleni, as well as vet prescribed drugs whereby pet owners must take their animals to the vet for examination and prescription of the scheduled drugs (which can only be given on prescription),” said Dr Anton Stone, President Veterinary Clinic.

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