Ga-Nala is burning

Residents in Thubelihle are not happy following the removal of illegal connections in this township.

It was a dam beautiful site

All four the radial gates (sluice gates) at Witbank Dam were opened in order to test their functionality earlier this week.

Residents want jobs and electricity

The police reported that the roads were closed due to protest and unrest at Vosman near the KG Mall off ramp, exit and entrance at Ferrobank in KwaGuqa as early as 04:00 on Monday morning.

Plunging into darkness

No breakfast and no dinner. That is the reality as Eskom is gearing up to flick the switch next week.



No more roads left to repair

“I can no longer drive to my house with my car. This street has been getting worse and worse over the last year. I do not know what to do anymore,”

Thushanang fast becoming a dumping site

“We are tired of reporting this garbage to the municipality. They sometimes come and remove it and the people from other areas will start dumping again.”