Local news

AJ is oorgeplaas na Kosmos

“Help ons asseblief om ons seuntjie gesond te kry en hou hom asseblief in julle gebede,”


Sunflowers bring hope

Numerous blood donations were given, as well as registration for stem cells.

Community members came together to map a way forward

Mr Sam Nape explained that after the protest on August 18 there was a call for the different organisations to come together to map a way forward and not to stand on the side as it was in the past.

A real footsore

Homemade caltrops have been found in a park that pose a danger to children playing.

Huis herbou na brand

Sy het vertel dat die huisbou ’n baie stresvolle proses was, veral wanneer mens nog nooit gebou het nie en dat alles maar hul probleme oplewer.