Emalahleni municipality flat rate business tax kills black businesses

P. Nkosi writes:

The PAC agrees with the long detailed article by Anonymous in Witbank News of December 25 2015, page ten: Who is in the Right and who is in the Right? Electricity bills are another way they kill businesses.

The municipality is broke: a few months ago the municipality struggled to pay its workers. To raise the money that known official stole we all have to suffer. None of them were arrested: they just recycle them.

Of course Anonymous, you are right: just go ahead it might help the people, because this municipality is not going to listen to you: they are deaf. They just cut electricity without a warning, and do so on Fridays to leave people in the dark the whole weekend, when technicians are off duty. They target those who pay: you miss one month, they don’t ask why: they cut.

They want to cover the money their colleagues stole at the municipality; and they are desperate to increase the inflated salaries of the managers and officials to earn more than a million rand a year, they want to earn like Gauteng managers whose population of rate-payers is almost 20 times bigger.

Yes the municipality continues to violate peoples’ rights in spite of the Constitutional Court judgement of 2009 that Mr Anonymous cited. Even the demolitions that the municipality conducted in 2015 were illegal and unjust. The victims of these illegal demolitions were black businesses who obviously had no money to challenge the municipality in court. It is a shame that after 20 years of democracy black people can manage to own only Guest Houses and back yard rentals in the suburbs, and these are under attack by the municipality. The only business building owned by a black man in town is the Shalom House.

They do this in the belief that poor black people will mostly vote for the ruling party Councillors till Jesus comes. The PAC hopes that the people will one day wake up before Jesus comes. As we go to the Local Government Elections just listen to the promises they make to black people in the townships and slums. They will be counting how many RDP houses they built. The PAC says RDP houses are just more townships that perpetuates separate development of the apartheid era.

There is no batho pele. Take the Ordinance 2010: the councillors supported and passed oppressive by-laws that were drawn by their black town planners. The councillors did not understand the impact of these bye-laws on black people/businesses trying to make it in town. These heartless men impose a flat rate building tax by based on the highest business earners. SARS tax is based on how much income.

The PAC condemned the stupid, senseless, unjust by-laws that said do not build on fence, leave two meters from the fence. The PAC pointed out that the apartheid government did build on the fence and that did not kill anyone. The township stands are too small for this nonsense.

Fanisile Nkuna

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