All she wanted was to get home safe

A 20-year-old woman was allegedly threatened with a knife and raped by a 37-year-old man. This unfortunate incident took place on January 13 in the morning at Jackaroo Park. She allegedly took a taxi to transport her home when the driver took her to the area’s bushes where she was apparently raped. According to a police report she managed to escape from the suspect in the evening at 20:00 where she called for assistance who then called the police on her behalf.

Captain Eddie Hall warns woman to be careful especially during the night as that is when these unfortunate incidents happen.

“Please be alert at all times,” said Capt. Hall.

Tips on how to prevent yourself from being raped are: If you think you are being followed go to the nearest police station, avoid isolation rather walk in groups, scream and carry a whistle that you can blow or carry pepper spray and report the matter to the police immediately whether you can identify the person or not.

Fanisile Nkuna

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