Mom and baby locked up while thieves loot

The element of surprise worked in a 27-year old woman’s favor when their house fell prey to thieves.
She was locked up in her bedroom praying her 8 week old daughter would not cry while the thieves collected their loot.
Ms Tarryn Myburgh said she thought her fiancée had come home when she heard a loud bang coming from their lounge.

“I was in the shower and had Madison in her pram in the bathroom with me. When I heard the loud noise I wrapped a towel around myself thinking Martin came home,” she said.

But when she came around the corner in her bedroom she came face to face with one of the thieves.

“I did exactly what he told me to do. Madison was a few feet away from me and I was only thinking of her safety.”

The men then locked her and Madison inside the bedroom while they collected what they had their eyes on, the TV, continental pillows and two play stations.

“I sat silently listening how they moved around. I managed to send Martin a message, but he did not see the message.”

Myburgh expected the worse when she heard the bedroom door being unlocked again.
The thieves asked Myburgh about a safe and jewellery and also took her camera.
She gave them her jewellery box and said they do not have a safe. They then again locked the bedroom door.

What felt like ages went by and when she could not hear them anymore she crawled through the bedroom window, went around to the front of the house and got into the house again.

“They only closed the front door, thank goodness for that. I immediately phoned my parents and then Martin’s parents.”

Myburgh said the biggest mistake everyone can make is getting too comfortable in their homes.

“We take our security for granted. We think we are safe in our own homes.”
On their kitchen table is brand-new security cameras which will be installed soon.
“We live in prisons, we have every available security system in place and yet thieves get in. Thank goodness nothing happened to Madison, there is no price tag when it comes to her safety.”

Zita Goldswain
Assistant Editor

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