Keep eMalahleni dirty

Sam Nape writes:

A billboard with this message will not raise eyebrows but hasten the community to worry about who the culprit is who dirties our once beautiful eMalahleni city.

Refuse dumped near a church in Ackerville showing the widespread of refuse dumping in the city. (Photo provided by Sam Nape)

Environment activists have stopped taking pictures as they move from corner to corner avoiding an excruciating biting smell that has stopped even our visiting relatives to come to our wedding functions.
This is solely due to the insufficient or unavailability of municipal waste collecting trucks and bulk rubbish bins.
Cleaning campaigns are temporary and short-lived. Where else should we take the rubbish from our bedrooms, kitchens and gardens to? The nearest place is the street corner. Easy for the municipality to do the rest, otherwise health risks to children and us will prompt the Department of Health for remedial actions.

Members of our community keep themselves clean, their shacks, houses, and yards. To maintain this cleanliness, they will do our council a big favour and move out the dirt from their yards, get it heaped at a street corner for the municipal front-end loader and truck to do their bit. Threatening signboards or bylaws and prosecution will aggravate the furry off our community to establish more damping areas even in front of Church or school buildings.

A healthy family keeps itself away from dirt, cockroaches and rodents, hence other councils will even offer free big black plastic bags to make it easy for both players (the community and the municipality) to keep their cities clean.

Heaps and heaps of rubbish around our community do not attract the attention of our municipality. Instead, stray dogs have their sniffing preoccupied whilst rats and other disease carrying rodents have established their squatter camps. Recyclers have found a goldmine albeit its unhealthy and high-risk disease mine damps.

Solly Maseko

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