Woman became a victim of rape in Extension 16

A 29 year-old woman has become the latest victim of rape in Extension 16, KwaGuqa.

Police are investigating a case of attempted robbery and rape. They reported that on Saturday, March 12 at about 02:00 the victim was asleep in the main bedroom of her house when she heard a noise of a wardrobe door opening. She woke up and did not notice anything and went back to sleep again. The children were asleep in the other room. Later she heard the noise of drawers opening and again she woke up. She saw an unknown man who told her to keep quiet. The man allegedly demanded the car keys and she told him that her husband took them with him to work. The suspect said he saw the husband going out. According to the woman he told her not to worry because he has a condom. The suspect allegedly raped her and later went away.

The victim suspects that he was armed as he threatened to shoot her should she make a sound. Since it was very dark she did not see his face.

The victim contacted her husband and he brought her to the police station.
Police are investigating a case of attempted robbery and rape and no one has been arrested yet.


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