Rape victim jumps out of window to escape

A 26-year-old woman was raped but managed to jump through a window to escape from her alleged rapist.
The incident allegedly took place on Friday evening, April 22 at approximately 20:00.

That evening the 26-year-old alleged that she was at her home, she left her room to go to the bathroom, that’s when her boyfriend’s brother come out of his room and he asked her to sleep with him as his brother was not there.
She refused and then he pulled her into the room and she managed to escape. She went to another house looking for help, but she did not get any.

She was followed by the suspect, he then grabbed her and pulled her back to his room where he pushed her onto his bed undressed her and raped her.

She could not open the door, so she managed to get the window open and jumped out of the window and ran away.
The suspect still has not been arrested.

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Samantha Traill

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