Statutory rape of three

Depressed little girl

Over the last month in eMalahleni three cases regarding the rape/sexual assault of minors have been opened at Witbank Police Station, the youngest victim a three-year-old toddler.

The little girl was raped, allegedly by a neighbour’s son, in Duvha Park on Thursday, October 20.
The mother of the little girl said she was at home busy doing her work around the house, while the children were playing outside in the garden, near a gate.

After a short period of time she heard her three-year-old daughter screaming that she will tell her mom.
When the mother went outside she found her daughter crying and holding her private parts.

The mother recalls her daughter hitting her private parts saying, “it’s painful, it’s painful take it away.”

After questioning her daughter, her daughter told her that the boy that passed by the gate had hurt her.
Her worst nightmare came true when she found blood on her daughter’s underwear.
She went next door to her neighbour where she questioned the son’s mother.

The woman allegedly replied that her child is sick and that her son would never do something like that.
As a peace offering the neighbour gave the shocked and traumatized mother R50 so that she could go to a doctor, that’s when she went straight to the police to report the case.

The next rape incident of a minor took place on Sunday, October 9 in Klipfontein.
A mother alleged that she left her eight-year-old daughter in the lounge with her step grandfather; they were all sitting in the lounge together.

All of them were seated on the same couch in the lounge at the time, that’s when the daughter’s mother noticed the grandfather’s hand move slowly across the front of the girls lap.
She suspected something had happened and that is when she questioned her daughter about what her grandfather had done.

“I hate him,” said the eight-year-old to her mother.

The mother asked her daughter’s school teacher to step in and speak to her daughter.
The eight-year-old spoke to her teacher and told her that her grandfather touched her private parts. He also allegedly told her to take off her underwear so that he could take pictures of her. Her grandfather then gave her sweets and money.

The grandfather was arrested after the case was opened. He appeared in Witbank Magistrates court on Wednesday, October 19. The case was remanded to Wednesday, October 26 for a trial date.

A five-year-old was raped in March, but the case was only opened at Witbank Police Station on Saturday, October 15.
The 36-year-old mother could not believe her eyes when she was told by her sisters that someone had raped her daughter.

A suspect was arrested on October 15 for the alleged rape as well as possession of a firearm without a licence.
Police arrived at his house where he denied owning a firearm, when the house was searched the police found a firearm with one empty magazine and a holster inside a plastic locker.

Witbank Victim Support Centre which is a non-governmental organisation and a non-profit organisation render support to victims of, rapes, child abuse, family violence, and other crimes and traumatic events.

“We normally go to schools where we tell the children that nobody can touch your body,” said Ms Zelda Heyns from Victim Support.

“Any penetration can be considered rape” Captain Eddie Hall spokesperson from Witbank SAPS confirmed.

“Moms look after your children; don’t trust them with anyone around them. It’s your precious belonging. Teach your children that nobody is allowed to touch them anywhere on their body. Tell them to not accept sweets or money from strangers and make sure you know where they are at all times and with who. Children should have an open relationship with their parents so that they can speak up if someone hurt them,” said Ms Antoinette Deiner from Victim Support.

The question most parents should ask themselves said Deiner;

“Would they leave a diamond outside? Just like a diamond ring is precious to you so is your child. Would you trust someone with your child while leaving them outside unattended?”

For more information about how Victim Support can help you, contact the office on 013 692 7988 or Antoinette on 082 494 9778 or Zelda on 072 112 1339.

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