Residents bearing the stench of sewerage problems

A family have to bear the stench of a sewerage running across their yard for the past three years.

The Khoza family in Makgatho Street in Lynnville said they had enough of the stench and their health has been comprised. The sewerage from a neighbour’s house has had the same problem for the past years and they feel that they have had enough.

Sewerage water running across the yard of the Khoza family in Makgatho Street in Lynnville.

Sewerage water filling the passage to an outside toilet at the house in Makgatho Street in Lynnville.

According to the family, it all started when one day the sewerage pipe was blocked and the municipality workers came to get it fixed. The problem persisted until an inspector was called and found that the neighbour, while extending his house did not put the double brick wall between the houses.

“We are living in hell and we have been sent back and forth. Our children have been sent away because they always play in the sewerage water. The sewerage water does not only affect us, but other neighbours as well. As neighbours we will end up fighting with each other over a problem that is not of our own making. Something needs to be done to fix the problem permanently,” said a family member and resident of Lynville.

Sewerage water running across several houses in Makgatho Street in Lynnville.

The family confirmed that newly appointed Cllr Mpumelelo Maseko has also visited the house and has promised to help to sort out the problem.

Sewerage water all over the place in one of the houses in Makgatho Street in Lynnville

Sewerage even filling up a garage in the house leaving the tenant with no alternative but to stop using the space

Water was found running across the yards of about four houses, the neighbour’s house has sewerage water all over the place even the garage was filled with water leaving a tenant unable to utilize the space further.

The Khoza family said their furniture has been damaged by the water which is starting to seep through the wall.

Solly Maseko

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