South African Police Services issuing a warning to community members

The South African Police Services (SAPS) has recently issued a warning to community members.

They warned them about the latest scams, the message is for every man, boy, women or girl who goes to work, college, or school alone.

“If you find a child crying on the road showing his or her address and asking you to take him or her to that address, immediately take the child to the police station and please do not take the child to the address that he or she asks. This is a new trend leading to gang rape of women and girls and they also kill men and boys after robbing them.”

“Also do not accept free key holders at service stations, it has tracker device in it by which you can be followed, this is happening already in Johannesburg and Durban as we speak. Please forward the message to all your contacts or your friends, do not feel shy to forward this message, the message may save many lives for what it is worth,” reads the statement from SAPS.

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Solly Maseko

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