Policeman faces charges of corruption

A police official gave a woman the option of paying him R2 000 or going to jail for possession of dagga – she in turn reported him to the police.

On February 23 members from Vosman and Witbank Police Stations attended the regional court of Witbank Magistrates Court pending the case of corruption opened against a police official of Vosman Police Station.

“I was working at the station on my way to the CID block when I noticed a woman walking around as if searching for someone, I offered her my help,” said Sgt David Ratau.

The woman asked Sgt Ratau if he could help her to find the station commander as she wanted to report a police official.

“I asked her where the incident happened and she told me it was in Vosman, I explained that she needed to report it to the relevant station commander as it involves that station’s member – she explained that she didn’t want to report it at Vosman in fear that someone would inform the officer,” said Sgt Ratau.

According to the woman she was at home when police came to search for drugs at her house, a parcel of dagga was found at her home, but instead of being arrested the woman claims the police took her to her son’s house where the official told her son that he would arrest the woman for possession/dealing in dagga unless they paid the official R2 000.

“She explained that she told the officer to return the following day and then she came to Witbank to report the crime,” said Sgt Ratau.

Sgt Ratau contacted the previous Vosman Station Commander Makhosazana Khwesha and relayed the information to the commander.

A case of corruption was opened against the police official, on February 23 the official stood before court, the case was postponed to March 13 with nine witnesses expected to testify in the case.

“The woman admitted to me that she was selling dagga, but only to make ends meet,” said Sgt Ratau.

At the end of the day the woman was not arrested for possession of dagga as the police constable decided not to arrest her but according to her complaint the dagga was taken by police.

On further investigation it was discovered that the woman was never arrested by the Vosman Police Station and she had not been granted free-bail as she wasn’t arrested in the first place.


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