Battle of the sexes: Why men are trash

Yes, I am a man writing this and yes, I know not all men are trash so let’s just put that on hold for a minute.

Looking at my wife I can’t help but think how lucky I am that an amazing woman like her actually accepted me with all my flaws and loves me unconditionally. The same way Buddy looks at me whilst I’m holding anything edible. See the thing with unconditional love is that there are conditions and responsibilities in place and we must follow them if we want to be happy and enjoy a loving life with each other. I have said it before and I’ll say it again; Women seem crazy because men are stupid.

Having said that I can almost hear every male get defensive and start screaming and throwing things around but fact is, we can’t help it sometimes. Men are logical and women are emotional, it’s the way we are hardwired and once again, not all men and women fall under these categories but it is for the purposeful generalisation that this is mentioned. There comes a time where a man cannot logically see why a situation is affecting his partner a certain way and the woman cannot fathom that her partner is so insensitive for instance; The woman asks if they could go away for a weekend alone, the man thinks that they already live together so they do spend lots of time alone, the woman thinks the man doesn’t want to be alone with her because he has grown tired of her, the man is probably thinking why she would think that and doesn’t realise that emotions play a role and so it goes on and on. This is a very simple example of how we need one another to balance each other out. Men need to understand their partners’ emotional needs above their reasoning and woman need to see things from a cold logical point of view before involving emotional. We are all but perfect.

Then we get to the part of stereotyping. We all love to do it and it has grown to this monster that is woven into our very fibres. Once we get hurt by the opposite sex we assume it will happen again with the next one and it most probably will unless we start thinking like the opposite sex would; unless they do what you cannot comprehend.

The hashtag #menaretrash has been trending for a while and at first I had the typical male reaction of defiance and saying “Not all men are trash” and then I actually thought about it emotionally and kept logic out of my head. The male friends I surround myself with have the utmost respect for women and will never hurt, humiliate or belittle a lady because we were raised differently. The problem facing us is that not all men have the balls to speak up when their friends are mistreating a girl. When they see how a man can slip something into a girls drink and just accept it as “being one of the boys”. When a girl is drunk and being taken advantage of to just keep quiet because “she was asking for it”. Our culture of abuse, violence and murder on woman has reached new highs because of men being trash and not standing up for what is right so yes, in saying men are trash, I have to agree even though I know that myself, as a man am not in fact trash and I was raised better than that.

After my rant I sat down on the couch with Buddy next to me. I think I should book a weekend away.

Stan Kruger

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