Cleaning out my closet

There’s a good saying: sometimes the clutter can remove itself, but only if you make a space for it.

As I lay flat on my back with Buddy by my side, I reminisce about high school. I was somewhat awkward, slightly overweight and had good and bad relationships with people and love interests and there was always this certain thing I couldn’t quite get a handle on: rumours and drama.

Don’t get me wrong I love myself some good drama and tantalizing stories but mostly in television and also when I’m not involved. But as the years go on we leave high school behind, study further and prepare ourselves for the world of adulting and responsibilities until you realise that just like high school, rumours and drama will always follow you around.

As I wrote a few weeks back I took on the subject of lying. We have all done it or experienced it and for the most part we believe we can get away with it. Funny thing is, you can’t. Good, solid relationships are built on a foundation of brutal honesty along with healty criticism and the more you give it the stronger it stands and if you tarnish the nature of it by enriching your own stature with falsehoods and attempt to destroy the relationships around you, it will catch up to you. I believe in the goodness of humanity that deep down we are all good people and we can be better than we are, but if you don’t attempt to show in your actions and just talk about what could be then I cannot entertain your shenanigans, we aren’t in high school anymore.

I just had my medicine and I can feel them making me quite tired. Maybe I’ll dream of a place where friends could be honest and Buddy wasn’t obsessed with food. A man can only dream.

Stan Kruger

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