I wanna grow old with you

Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional

This past weekend my wife and I were at a good friends’ baby shower and nappy braai (what the men do while woman swoon over baby clothes) and I realised that the older we get, the more things seem to fall into or out of place. We seem to dread the day where we are subjected to the world of ‘adulting’ and for some they try to avoid it but then there are those who lean into it with all might. Friendships, love, finances and everything in between grow with us or they remain stagnant.

Fortunately, we have the choice to choose how we want to grow old but not always how we end up and hopefully, if all is said and done and we are nearing our last days, we get to spend it with our loved ones and have them be by our sides. If Buddy could not cope with old age, I will do anything to get him to live the most comfortable life possible and support him with all his needs. The same goes for all of us; we can support and help even if the people aren’t related to us because of our compassion.

White Rose Hospice in my home town has been looking after the frail and elderly when their families couldn’t do it anymore or if they weren’t able to. The amount of time, effort and care that the staff put in reflects in the nature of the company and that caring is in their blood. Sitting next to Buddy on the couch, I realise that if I couldn’t care for him it would break my heart and immediately I think of my own mother: I would do anything in my power to make sure she is looked after so what’s stopping us from helping? Nothing.

We have more compassion than we give ourselves credit for. We have more integrity than we believe and when it comes to giving we, as a city have proven over and over again that we can make a difference.

I hope to one day have a child of my own (except Buddy) and to raise him or her to understand the very grim reality that one day, me and their mother won’t be as strong and able to be their hero’s but that we are only human and when that day comes that they can stand up and take our places and be the hero’s we need.

Stan Kruger

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