Two rape cases opened, youngest a six year old

A six-year-old girl was allegedly raped by her uncle, only discovered when her mother was bathing her.
On Wednesday, June 21 at 08:00 the mother of the six-year-old placed her daughter into a bath at their home in Klarinet.

Her mother then started bathing her daughter, when her daughter told her mother that it was her uncle that raped her.

Without hesitation the mother took her daughter out of the bath and placed her on the bed to see what was going.
When the mother checked she noticed a tear, the mother then phoned her neighbour to come and see what was wrong with her daughter.

The neighbour then advised the mother to take her daughter to Witbank Provincial Hospital.
At the hospital, a nurse checked the six-year-old and confirmed that she had been raped.

Once it was determined by a professional that she was raped, a case of rape was opened at Witbank Police Station. The suspect has not yet been arrested.

In a separate case in Tasbet Park on Monday, June 19 a 24-year-old woman alleged that she was on her way to someone that usually helps her with homework.

Along her route she met up with a family friend who comes from Limpopo where she originally comes from.
She then asked him if he could help her with her homework and he said it was not a problem and was willing to help.
He said that he would pick her up at her house, so she made her way back where she waited for him.

At 15:30 he arrived at her house to pick her up. When they got to his house he started helping her with his drawings and nothing was wrong.

Around 18:00 her sister phoned her to find out where she was and she told her.
Once she finished speaking to her sister she told him that she needed to go home as the family was looking for her. He then refused to take her home and asked why she did not sleep over instead. That is when she replied that she is not his girlfriend and she needed to go home.

He started touching her all over and she asked him to stop touching her as she was not ready for this.
It is then alleged that he pushed her onto the couch and she started to cry, she kept telling him to stop.
She kept pushing him off of her but eventually he raped her. Once he had raped her she started to cry again and said she wanted to go home.

That is when she picked up her phone and called a friend to fetch her. A case of rape was opened at Witbank Police Station. The suspect is known but has not been arrested yet.


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