The Kids aren’t alright

We are wary of the monsters we see and miss the ones we don’t.

Writing this I feel sick, physically and emotionally sick after hearing that a mother and her three children, with the youngest being 7 months old, were murdered in their family home earlier this week. Speculation runs rife when it comes to what happened and the exact details aren’t known as of yet but one thing we do know is that they won’t experience their first kiss or have their hearts broken. They won’t make mistakes and learn in life or become a success in following their dreams. They won’t have any of that.

Whenever I hear about stories like this, I put myself in that position and begin to think what I would do. My wife and I don’t have any children as of yet and are only parents to one over weight puppy and one very sassy cat, but even the thought of me losing the child we don’t even have is unbearable. I cannot even fathom the degree of pain that would befall my wife and me.

There are many theories and one that stuck out to me is that the mother was not mentally sound and could have poisoned her children as well as herself. After hearing this I began to think of how easy it has become for us to pass judgement and just brush mental health off as being “not serious”. This by no means excuses the actions, but one has to understand certain conditions before you judge it as being “crazy”.

These invisible monsters devour our society every day and the sooner we open our eyes and stare them down, the less we will lose. Having been on anti-depressants myself for many years, I can attest to the big, heavy weight you carry without knowing if you can and if anyone could help. It’s a struggle that is more often than not just casually brushed off and told to “get over it” or just “cheer up” and then the monster gets hungry again, until it finishes the meal and has nothing left, just like you.

Perhaps there was another motive and the mother was perfectly healthy or perhaps there was another party involved who knows? Time will tell. Only thing I know is that when we are faced with monsters, we should always prepare ourselves to battle them out along with our peers, friends and families.

Buddy is so happy with his new ball and can’t stop squeaking as he chews away. One day he will be chewing the ball where our child lays and for that day, I will prepare.

Stan Kruger

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