What is the black man’s agenda?

Following social ills happening such as the abusing and killing of women, Mantsupe Jackson Phaladi is scribbling a book to speak about such issues and many other issues affecting black people.

His book titled ‘What is the black man’s agenda?’ is in its final stages and set to be released before the year ends.

As part of promoting the book, the writer has T-shirts printed with the same title as the book. Not only is Mantsupe a writer, but he is also a Metallurgy & Materials Engineer from Wits University, one of the co-founders of “Enlighten SA” and a budding businessman.

Mantsupe mentioned that the book was motivated by a woman’s video that went viral on Facebook in May. The woman was talking to a black man, explaining that black men do not have an agenda.

“For some time, I thought the man was in denial until I realized that he was in a state of oblivion. I decided to take the idea further by writing a book, in which I address shortcomings of black men and provide counsel to black people. The most dangerous part about not having an agenda is that you are likely to be used by others to advance their agendas”, said Mantsupe.

Mantsupe went on to say that because of the lack of an agenda, the black man has made “entertainment” his agenda.

“We are so much into entertainment that we have even invented spending cultures such as Izikhothane and Blessers,” Mantsupe.

Mantsupe Jackson Phaladi is writing a book titled “What is the black man’s agenda?” (Photo: supplied)

He mentioned, the book, especially now was necessary considering the turmoil South Africa is currently experiencing with respect to abuse and lack of unity amongst blacks.

Owing to his philanthropic nature, Mantsupe aims to make society a better place to live in. The writer touches on sub-headings such as “Notes from women to the black man”. Here, Mantsupe interviewed women to dig deep on this topic.

“It really pained me to learn that there is very few black men I know who have never cheated. Cheating has become a goal, a contest, and this is at the expense of women, especially black, owing to the demographics of the country. This is painful because black women have always established themselves as alliances to the black man. Therefore, for the black man to begin the process of atonement, he must understand in depth, all the pain that he has caused”, explained Mantsupe.

Visit the writer’s Facebook page: “What is the black man’s agenda?” as Mantsupe takes you through the journey of the book.

Fanisile Nkuna

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