Father’s be good to your daughters

Parents: without them we would literally be non-existent specks of an afterthought that never came to be in this world and still, there are those who don’t appreciate what they have.

Buddy is running as I throw his ball across the garden and he always brings it back to me. Sure this is a game, he could just run away but he chooses to bring it to me because, I know, he trusts me and feels that I am his guardian. This is the way I see my parents.

After getting married a few months back, I gained a (quite substantial) second family and I love them like my own. As for myself, my mother is the one who has always been there for me through it all. She was the one I would “take my ball” back to and trust her enough that she would “throw” my problems away, or at least help me make them disappear and truthfully she has done just that, every single time.

A few weeks back I was having a drink with two of my mates at The Brazenhead our local pub and I couldn’t help but overhear a group of younger girls discussing how ‘bad’ their fathers are for not getting them a car as the one said and ‘not supporting her relationship’ as the other chimed in.

Maybe my age finally caught up to me and my inner ‘old person’ came to mind when I heard them bicker about stupid things like that?

Immediately I realised something: when I was that age, I felt the same. I felt my mom was unreasonable because of not giving me what I wanted or any such nonsensical things. Age gives one perspective about what is important in life and what we really need, not want.

One day I will carry over the torch and ‘become’ my parents like we all do. I will be the over bearing, always inquisitive, highly concerned and just plain unfair father like those girls were talking about but for now, I’ll just keep on throwing the ball to Buddy.

He loves me regardless if he has a new ball or not.

Stan Kruger

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