Wards with 30% payment rate will get punished

As the municipality tally’s the cost of illegal electricity connections and Eskom wrings its hands together eagerly awaiting another payment, illegal connections claimed another victim.

A resident in Vosman paid the ultimate price of death after he tried to illegally restore electricity.
Jimmy Ramuntsa (35) was electrocuted when he tried to restore the electricity to Ext 16 by climbing up to a transformer.

Emalahleni Local Municipality owes Eskom R1.1-billion (Photo: Michelle Rademeyer).

The Emalahleni Local Municipality has in the week announced that they are taking drastic steps to try and curb illegal electrical connections and uncontrolled overloading which are crippling the municipality’s electrical infrastructure.

They are also implementing the Protective Load Reduction Initiative.

The initiative will play a vital role in reducing losses in the electricity network caused by uncontrolled overloading and the indefensible culture of non-payment for services and in particular electricity, and illegal connections to the power network.

Faith, Precious and Zusakhe, Mpendulo and Ngobule are playing on the doorstep of death. Illegal electricity connections pose a dangerous threat.

In essence, electricity will be cut during certain hours to wards wherein the payment rate is less than 30%.
This will be reviewed and electricity normalised once the ward’s payment rate goes up to 60%.

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Zita Goldswain
Assistant Editor

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