One lucky SBV van

‘I didn’t need an alarm clock this morning. I woke up to the sound of gunfire’, said Mr Ed Rossiter.

An attempted cash-in-transit heist took place in the early morning of Tuesday, August 1 on the Verena road.

“About 5:45 I heard a commotion out in the road and saw that an SBV van is being shot at,” Rossiter added.

The attempted heist took place in the road, near his house.

Sergeant David Ratau, communications officer of Witbank Police Station stated that he suspects that the SBV vehicle was driving towards Verena.

No money was stolen in an attempted cash-in-transit heist on Tuesday, August 1. This took place on the Verena road around 05:45.

“The suspects shot at the front and rear tyres of the van, on the right hand side. This forced the vehicle to a stop and the driver of the SBV vehicle was forced to get out,” Sgt Ratau said.

He added that the suspects took the driver’s firearm while the other suspects went to the back of the vehicle.

“I suspect that it was to try and force the back of the vehicle open, because we found explosives on scene,” Ratau added.

“An SBV backup vehicle then approached the scene and started shooting at the suspects. This happened before the vehicle could be opened at the back for the suspects to put the explosives inside. According to the driver, there were about seven or eight suspects, but he can not recall what cars they were driving.”

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