Reyno Ridge fire leaves family destitute

The Bure family abandoned their home in Lizl Street with only the clothing on their backs after a fire broke out which scorched everything they had.

Their tragedy on July 30, however turned to a story of compassion as neighbours and the community banded together to help them through this trying time.

Fire fighters from Langamed Emergency Management Services and Emalahleni Fire Department tackle the blaze in Lizl Street.

Early Sunday morning the orange haze of a fire and red lights of the emergency services could be seen in the black of night as there was no power in Reyno Ridge.

“We heard a loud pop sound followed by screams – Run! Run! Run!; We thought one of our neighbours were being broken into,” said Ms Lizelle Botha.

A second popping sound was heard and the Botha family ran to their braai area and looked through the window only to see that their neighbours, the Bure family’s home was in flames.

“There was no power so my husband Pieter started up the generator to build pressure for the hosepipe. We threw it over the wall, Pieter and one of our neighbours ran to go help fight the fire,” said Botha.

“I am not sure how the fire started, I woke up to the smoke and went to the room to see what was happening, I woke up my family and got them out safely,” said Mr Thabo Bure.

Langamed Emergency Management Services and Emalahleni Fire Department arrived shortly after the fire broke out and started fighting the fire.

One of Langemed EMS’s members carries little Botle Bure after she was given a check up in the ambulance.

Bure, his wife, brother and two children were taken into the ambulance where their vitals were monitored.

“I tried to get some water to fight the fire but the water was off due to there being no power,” said Bure.

The Botha family aided in fighting the fire by carrying bucket loads of water to the fire from their swimming pool.

“We woke up and the first thought was of our grandkids, my husband and I got them out of bed and to safety,” said Ms Elma Robberts, a neighbour.

She recalls how Mr Botha came running past, forcing the gate to the Bure’s yard open in attempts to go fight the fire.

Langamed Emergency Management Services and Emalahleni Fire Department arrived on scene in a matter of minutes and started fighting the fire.

First the two children, Botle and Bohlale’s vitals were checked by paramedics, followed by Bure’s wife, brother and himself.

The Bure family were fortunate enough not to have come to harm in the fire, their home however was left in shambles after the fire was doused.

Later that Sunday morning the drive began on social media to help the Bure family overcome their hardship.


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