Crime prevention operation at Vosman

Vosman police during their crime prevention operations managed to arrest a number of suspects.

They arrested 11 for possession of dagga, ten for possession of drugs, seven for drinking liquor in public, five for possession of stolen property, one for car hijacking, one for driving under the influence of alcohol, one for rape, one for fraud, three for being in the country illegally, one for pointing a firearm, two for contempt of court, two for shoplifting, 11 for assault with grievous bodily harm, one for common robbery, one for theft, two for theft out of a motor vehicle, one for malicious damage to property and one for common assault and the total number of arrested is 62.

Vosman police station telephone number: 013-659 8432 or 079 891 4822, alternative free call on cell phone: 112, land line: 08600 10111. Anti corruption: 0800 701 701.


Brigadier Eric Masiya in command of Vosman Police Station

Operation Thunderstorm by Vosman police

Solly Maseko

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Crime prevention operations in Vosman