Boys graduated from the initiation school

It took a lot of meetings from the parents of the boys, Inkosi Nsizwa Mahlangu, Vosman Police Station, Ingoma Forum, Cllr Western Kgomo and other interested parties to stop an illegal initiation school operating in Old Coronation.

The parents, mostly mothers, were very angry about the school and how the children were collected without their permission. Some of the parents said that some of the children were still in their school uniforms. They alleged that their children were picked up by a van and taken to the school in Old Coronation.

They said some of their children were picked up from the streets and it was later claimed that more than 80 boys were taken.

“He had the guts to take our children to the initiation school without our permission and some of the children are under age and some were circumcised while still young, some of them have medical conditions. How is he going to feed such a number of children, he had broken all the rules regarding initiation schools,” said one of the parents.

Inkosi Nsizwa Mahlangu of Hlalanikahle and Cllr Western Kgomo with the initiates who were moved from an illegal initiation school and later graduated under Inkosi Mahlangu.

A meeting was then arranged by Vosman police together with members of Ingoma Forum and Inkosi Nsizwa Mahlangu of Hlalanikahle together with the principal of the initiation school.

A lot of issues were raised by parents telling the meeting that they went to the school to look for their children and to try to negotiate with the principal to release them but he refused and showed a lot of arrogance and disrespect.

It took the wisdom of Inkosi Nsizwa Mahlangu of Hlalanikahle together Cllr Western Kgomo to arrange for the boys to be moved to another school under Inkosi Mahlangu and later they graduated successfully.


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