A women’s worth

“A woman brought you into this world, so you have no right to disrespect one.”

That is what the late great Tupac Shakur said and his words will ring true forevermore. This is not just a novelty quote that he uttered, this is what we as men and women need to understand and live every single day.

Women are magical creatures, aren’t they? I can go on about the argument of which sex is better, which is stronger and smarter but that is very much overplayed and frankly useless in my opinion. Instead I can tell you about how amazing they are.

I must admit I am bias in this argument because I was raised by an amazing woman who was a single parent. She always made sure we had full stomachs before we went to bed, even though she went to bed hungry. She always catered to our every need and whim, even though she didn’t have enough money for new clothes and never once did I hear her utter a single word of contempt towards the situation.

That’s why I respect women and believe that besides being a mother, women were given to us to cherish and look after because let’s face it: men wouldn’t survive without a woman in their everyday lives be it a friend, wife or mother.

This month we as a nation celebrate women and I actually find this ‘special day’ a slap in the face for women. Every other day women are expected to be strong, independent and proud but when Women’s Day comes along, it seems that all of us are all of a sudden the biggest portrayers of celebrating women in our lives but the next day they just revert back to their ‘normality’.

Why not every day? Why not tell your mom or sister or wife how much you appreciate what they do for you daily? It kind of makes me think of Nelson Mandela Day; you can give 67 minutes every single day if you want to.

Personally I believe women are superior to men in all aspects, except physical strength and all because of how we are made up biologically, but we still remain equal in my eyes.

Buddy is already busy destroying his new rope that I bought him and stops to look at my wife with love struck eyes wagging tail, the kind of look you give someone who changed your life by being in it with you. I mean I can’t blame him at all, that’s what I see every single day.

Stan Kruger

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