Gert has donated 337 pints of blood

Blood flows through Gert Nel’s veins and he is not scared to donate his blood as he has donated 337 pints of blood already.

Gert Nel (80-years-old) shows Sister Michelle Smit which vein to use on Sunday, August 6.

On Sunday, August 6 Gert arrived at the South African National Blood Service at Highveld Mall and he was ready for this donation.

Gert is 80-years-old and is still as fit as a fiddle and his health is in good condition.

“There is nothing wrong with my health,” said Gert.

Gert Nel sits in his chair as the blood flows into the bag on Sunday, August 6.

He started donating blood in 1960 and since then he has not stopped donating blood.

“It’s a good thing to help people that need the blood and for the donors health,” said Gert.

“I use the one arm to donate blood at the moment. And my blood type is O+,” said Gert.

Blood type O carries both antibodies, making blood type O group compatible to receive plasma from groups O, A, B and AB. However, blood type O plasma can only be given to type O recipients. The individuals who are compatible in receiving platelets from an O+ donor are O+ recipients.

The blood donating card that shows that Gert Nel had already donated 336 pints of blood and was going to donate his 337th pint.

From the day that human life is conceived, blood fulfils a life giving and nurturing role. Blood is the fluid of growth, transporting nourishment from digestion and hormones from glands throughout the body. Blood is the fluid of health, transporting disease fighting substances to the tissue and body waste to the kidneys.

Sister Michelle Smit stands next to Gert Nel who was busy donating his 337 pint of blood on Sunday, August 6.

Because it contains living cells, blood is alive. Unlike medications that are manufactured, blood cannot be manufactured. Healthy donors are the only source of blood for those who need it.

Very proud of his achievement, Gert Nel holds his 337th pint of blood.

If it was not for blood donors, life-saving medical treatment for children with life threatening anaemia, trauma victims, women with pregnancy related complications, organ transplants, bone marrow transplants, complicated surgical procedures and cancer treatments would not be possible.

Gert will continue donating blood for as long as possible.

Samantha Traill

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