Still no accounts received

Most residents have been inquiring with little success on when their accounts for July would be available.

Normally residents would have been able to access these on the internet, email or received sms balances and post by the third week of July, payable on or before Monday, August 7.

As previously reported the Municipality changed its accounting system on instruction from National Treasury and from July 1, has been transacting on the new MSCOA system.

The changeover went well with the exception of discrepancies which were found in the monthly accounts.

With the service providers and assistance from government the municipality has been working around the clock over the past three weeks to resolve these issues.

In a meeting between the Chief Financial Officer and the Municipal Manager on Monday, it was agreed that accounts will be sent out on email and loaded to the website tonight or by Tuesday, August 8 with smses.

Read the FULL story in the WITBANK NEWS out today


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