SACCW’s team apprehend a suspect

One suspect was arrested after he was spotted jumping over a wall with wires and various wallets in his possession.

The empty house on the corner of Adela and Esta Street in Blancheville has been vandalised and people are still stealing anything that is left in the house which can be sold for cash.

The suspect that was caught with wires on Monday morning, August 7. In his possession he had wires and different wallets.

On Monday morning, August 7 a call came through on the South Africa Community Crime Watch (SACCW) open channel of a suspect that was busy taking wires from the empty house.

Members from SACCW rushed to the scene where one suspect was apprehended.

Witbank SAPS was dispatched and once they arrived on scene the suspect was handed over to them.

During the hand over the suspect managed to break loose and ran away.

The copper pipe had been ripped out of the wall in the empty house on the corner of Adela and Esta Street.

SACCW called for more response members to block off the immediate area. The suspect was found and apprehended yet again.

The suspect was then arrested on scene and transported by SAPS.

SACCW would like to thank all the people for their amazing involvement to apprehend this suspect twice.


‘We will find you and hunt you down’

SACCW vang een verdagte na huisroof

Samantha Traill

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SACCW vang een verdagte na huisroof