We’re not gonna take it

If you’re unhappy and you know it burn a car

Protesting: we know it all too well. It could be seen as a national sport alongside rugby and soccer and the participants are always full of spirit and songs that sweep up the crowd.

They can sing and dance, they can burn a truck and destroy buildings and they can do this all in the name of protesting, aka striking. Why do they protest you ask? Why not?

Every day I see at least 2 strikes happening at the same time and sometimes there is a valid reason and other times not so much, I mean as I am sitting and writing this there are two protests happening at the same time in our city.

Voicing your opinion and being proactive in the quest to better your life is a good thing, burning a hospital down and moaning why you can’t get treatment? Not so much.

See we can protest against the government, the oppressors and the corrupt individuals that’s our right, but we have no right to destroy everything in our vicinity and then claiming it was part of your anger. Did the Adidas shop with all nice clothes and shoes do you wrong? Was the Bradlows part of the RDP housing schemes and that’s why you needed to take the fridges and beds just to prove a point? No, you’re just taking advantage and being a common thief your morals and ethics are non-existent.

Buddy has protested before and I listened. He was on another type of dog food and he made a point to leave his business inside the house. Was he lazy to walk outside or was it a power play to get me to change his food? I don’t know to be honest but the quicker we leave the crap on the outside, the better we can resolve all this protesting.

Stan Kruger

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