Where is the love?

I remember it all like it was yesterday: 20 years old and filled with hope and ignorance sitting in front of the television when Black Eyed Peas came out with the hit song ‘Where is the love’. The lyrics didn’t mean as much to me then as it does now because back then I was blissful in my surroundings. Nothing terribly bad has happened in my life and staying up to date with current events was the last thing on my to do list.

Then I grew older, and dare I say it more cynical. One thing became more apparent and more ‘normal’ it seems as I saw news in my own city unfolding and events all across the globe. It’s easier for us to hate. Loving people has become so hard to do for us and it all comes down to what we see in the media and all around us.

Just last week a defenceless old lady of 89 was attacked by two men just as she turned her back to prepare them food because they came begging on her front porch for something to eat. I mean how can you love people like that? How can you justify almost killing the hand that almost fed you? I can’t justify, approve or love that, but I can keep that from making me hate without reason because you see when you hate without reason just because of what happens around you, you forget to love the things you’re supposed to and then you add to the bitterness of this world we live in.

Buddy has been having a flatulence problem these days and even while he constantly does it, right under our noses, we still love him. Why if he keeps on doing the bad thing? Well, he is more than a fart, he is my puppy. Hate the fart, not the dog.

Stan Kruger

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