Armed robbers hit Tony’s Open Market

Staff members were held at gunpoint while the shop owner was struck over the head.

An armed robbery took place on Sunday, September 3 at Tony’s Open Market.

Paramedics from Legacy Emergency Specialists tend to the owner of Tony’s Open Market who was struck over the head during an armed robbery.

While preparing to close business for the day, staff were shocked when a man who entered the store revealed his firearm demanding that the cash register be opened.

Four of the suspects caught on camera.

The robbery took place at about 12:55; one of the suspects had bought airtime prior to the robbery. Shortly after the first robber entered the business another six suspects entered the store and held the cashiers and staff members at gunpoint.

“Two of them held Etel by his arms and carried him off to his office,” said Ms Maritza van Wyk, one of the employees that was held at gunpoint.

The suspects made their getaway in a white BMW.

The armed robbers demanded that Mr Etel Pereira, the owner of the business, open the safe. During the commotion one of the robbers stuck Pereira over the head with the butt of his gun, they then struck him on his back making use of the back of an office chair.

“One of them said he wanted my ring, I showed him I couldn’t take the ring off, he then told me he wanted cash,” said Ms Yolanda Reynders.


Heavy sentences handed out to armed robbers

Heavy sentences handed out to armed robbers

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