Don’t worry, be happy

The reason I’m starting to go grey is because I kind of try and stress my problems away.

Father and farther

Elton John said it best in Lion King when he sang ‘It’s the circle of life’

Wat erf ons kinders?

Oor ’n paar weke word Erfenisdag in alle erns gevier

Where is the love?

I remember it all like it was yesterday: 20 years old and filled with hope and ignorance

Wees ’n inspirasie

“Ek weet my lewe gaan kort wees, maar ek gaan ’n goeie lewe hê.”

A women’s worth

“A woman brought you into this world, so you have no right to disrespect one.”

Want jy is vrou

Dis Augustus-maand en dames, dis ons beurt om bederf te word.